Roberth Kurniawan Ruslak Hammar¹
International Journal of Cyber Criminology

With the increased usage of the internet and innovative technological innovations, hacking another person’s system or electronic devices has become easier. Technology on one hand is beneficial for making lives easier but also exerts threats in the form of many issues such as bullying and cyber-crimes. Cybercrime and bullying have increased significantly in Indonesia in the last few years. The present study has reviewed the rules and legislations implemented in Indonesia against the prevailing problems of cybercrime and bullying. So, the research aims to explore the common laws and approaches to addressing cybercrime and bullying of adolescents in Indonesia. In Indonesia bullying, as a criminal act is regulated under the Child protection act, ITE Law and KUP. And cybercrime is regulated under Law Number 11 in 2008. Results provide valuable insights and a detailed review of laws and activities relevant to the issue under discussion. The present study holds greater theoretical and practical importance as this study is a valuable addition to the growing body of literature regarding cybercrime and bullying in Indonesia. Furthermore, the regulatory bodies of Indonesia can also gain insights from the study by focusing on required amendments to cater to the prevailing problems in a better way in the country.

Keywords: cybercrime, adolescent bullying, acts and laws, Indonesia

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