Roberth Kurniawan Ruslak Hammar
Sherlinda Octa Yuniarsa
International Journal of Business, Economics and Law

This research study aims to analyze the impact between entrepreneur and local business mechanisms with regulation. This research
is qualitative research and using an online questionnaire to collect the data from local people as a partici-pant. This study uses
non-probability sampling with purposive sampling. The data analysis technique was used is meta-analysis. The results were
showed by the impact in business platform industry. In contrast, advantages of business are relatively straightforward with a new
strategy. Besides that, a high demand for young entrepreneur becoming available in Indonesia, which is entrepreneur be able to
sell up their product with legal system. In term of many rules, as an entrepreneur can survive with factoring system for local
communities by pride local wisdom version off. This research study had opportunity such as new in-sight, experience, and influence
rather than attempting to memorize business concepts. However, the business preparation with legal system would be find out
inner creativity during pandemic covid-19. It would be better equipped to put the baseline information into it is proper context like
respect to the overall business plan. Related to this result, it is created to goals after made collaboration with stakeholder and
local government by real business.

Keywords: young generation, local community, business mechanisms, legal system

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